Wednesday, May 6, 2009


One of the worst things on a woman is tacky hair. It looks so bad when a woman's hair is not presentable, especially a weave. One way women can experience this is OBSCENE hair styles.You would be suprised at what women put in their head as weave styles. Everyone who claims they can do weaving aren't always good. You should be very selective of who puts their hands in your hair. You want the person to give you a style that fits you and also grows out your hair. Also, when women don't keep up their hair, it can look horrible. It begins to look un-natural and nappy. The best suggestion for women is to keep up any hair style that they get. Women at times can think that since they wear weave that they don't have to take care of it. However, that belief is very untrue! You must take care of a weave as if it were your own. Here are some examples of some tacky weaves!

Friday, May 1, 2009

The Fusion Technique

So we have all heard of the different possible ways to put in weave, such as glue-ins, laces, and a braid base weave. However, there is another technique which is fusions. What is great about it is that instead of braiding the hair, you just begin to thread the hair without any braids and then apply the weave with someone's own hair. It doesn't break off or anything and is very easy to take out. It also makes the weave lighter and more believable.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hair Care

Your day is over and it is time to go home and wrap your hair. Before you go to bed, you should always tie or wrap up your hair with a scarf to keep your hair in place and looking nice for the next day. If you do not know how to wrap your hair up at night, here is an example how to do so. Hairstyles last longer when your hair is not all over the place at night when you are sleeping.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Do your hair within minutes!!!

Are you in a rush to go somewhere? Does your hair look a mess and you absolutely don't know what to do with it? Why not buy a quick weave and use it for this very purpose. It's simple, easy to put on, and your ready to go within minutes looking faboulous as any other day. Quick weaves are non expensive and can be brought at any beauty supply store. They come in synthetic and human hair in any form of style you like!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Going Anywhere Special???

So are you planning to go to a nice occasion? Right now it is that time of year when things start to come up such as, proms, spring weddings, senior balls, and more. I know the big question is how are you going to wear your hair. There are many styles to choose from. You can wear it straight down, spiral curls, wavy, an up-do and more. From experience, most ladies like to have a long hair style for these things. Why not get some extensions or some kind of weave. The good thing is that if you decide to go this route with your hair, it will last longer than wearing it that one occasion. If you get a long extension or some kind of hairstyle where you wear your hair down, it may be manageable to wear it for a longer period if time than that one night you plan to go out.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Do you wanna see how to get extensions? Well this is the ways to get it done!

These are some ways to show you how to do a lace weave and also a sew-in weave. These techniques can be easily used. As you saw, the lace weave only takes but minutes. However, the sew-in weaves may take a bit longer. It also depends where you go to get it done or if you decide to try putting it in yourself. Personally, I would rather go to the beauty salon. It takes less time for someone else to do it. The question with that is do you want spend money for it and how much will it cost. Remember everyone charges different prices and I don't recommend you get a weave done with someone who doesn't have good credentials. Word of mouth and vision is the best way to find a good hair stylist who can do this type of technique.

If you know how to put in weaves yourself than it may be a better option of you doing your hair because you can save a lot of money. I don't reccomend someone putting in a sew-in by themselves unless the properly know how to do it. The best way to learn is by watching someone else or feel how a person is sewing in your weave so that you have an understanding of what to do. You want your hair to look as natural and well put in as possible.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Interview with Hair Stylist Colleen Davis

Colleen Davis is a hair beautician who does work from her home in Willingboro, NJ. She attended a beautician school called, Dudly's in Washington D.C. Later, she moved to New Jersey and got a job working at a salon and later found it better to work at home. She has been doing hair for 25 years and still enjoys her occupation.

Q: What is the most styles people ask you to do?
A: Well, people ask for all kinds of things. I tend to do braids and weaves a lot, especially since I work out of my home.

Q:What are weaves?
A:It’s the science of weaving or braiding human or synthetic hair to the roots of existing, healthy hair so that it grows along with natural hair, thus giving the impression of a thick growth. It’s also called hair integration or hair intensification. It’s a procedure appropriate for people with thinning hair. It’s not something that requires a hospital visit; it’s usually done in salons as a temporary procedure.

Q: Why do you favor working in your home, rather than a salon?
A: My home is my comfort zone. I used to work in the shop, but I like setting my own rules and prices to my customers. I can charge them the amount that I feel is necessary.

Q: How much do you charge for weaving? Is it considered expensive to you?
A: I charge $70 for a weave. I also charge $25 by the row for hair extensions. The only thing is that customers must buy their hair before so that I can sew it in. I honestly don't consider my prices to be expensive at all. I try to charge people without making them pay a arm and a leg. I find it easier to make my own prices. I don't like to rob people.

Q:Where can people get a weave done?
A: People can go anywhere to go get a weave done. There are salons that do them and even people who just know how to do them and they didn't necessarily go to a beauty school. Weaving is a skill that anyone can master. A person just has to be seasoned and know what hair styles fit a person's face. However, it really doen't matter. Some people prefer to go to certain beauticians because everyone does weaves differently and has different techniques of how to put them in.

Q:How long does it take to do weaves?
A:It depends on the hair style that they want really. It takes me about 45 minutes to an hour usually. If I'm doing any type of braiding weaving, it could take hours depending on the style they choose.

Q:How long do weaves tend to last?
A: They can last anywhere from two weeks to months. It really depends on how the person takes care of it, what they get, and what type of hair they buy.

Q:How do you put them in?
A: You put them in ny taking two or three shafts of hair natural or synthetic are woven into the root area. Some of the natural hair is woven or braided together to act as an anchor, to which the add-on tufts are sewn, woven, knitted or glued. The extensions have to be repositioned every five or six weeks as the natural hair grows out.
Q:Can anyone wear weaves?
A: Yes they can! For black women you see it is a very common thing. It is very likely you see someone wear their own hair. Also, other women in different ethnic groups can wear them also. It is weaving call "Fusions", which can be added to peoples hair that is very thin and soft. However, I've seen different ethnic groups of women use "tracks". Tracks are what black women use to get their hair sewn in to add more hair to their head.

Q: What is a lace weave? How popular are they?
A: Lace weaves are essentially a wig but a very very good one. It is an attachment weave that creates a whole new hair line. You glue the lace front to your forehead. It is very natural looking. It can be straight, curly, short, long, and so on. People who wear these are mostly celebrities, such as Beyonce. However, people are buying them now in beauty supply stores. They run about $200-$300. I know I want to wear one of those things, they can be very sharp!